Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

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Bentley Law Offices successfully represented the family of Jaquan Waller, a sixteen-year-old North Carolina high school football player, who died as a result of second impact syndrome.  Jaquan Waller was a star running back who had suffered a concussion at football practice, but he was allowed to play in a game two days later without being cleared by qualified medical personnel. 

Following the resolution of this case, the General Assembly of North Carolina passed a law requiring that any high school athlete who suffers a head injury must be cleared by qualified medical personnel before being allowed to return to play.  The law was named in honor of Mr. Waller and another North Carolina high school football player, Matt Gfeller, who also died as a result of a head injury. 

Mr. Bentley’s work in the area of second impact syndrome and concussions is a natural outgrowth of his experiences as a student athletic trainer and varsity athlete at Auburn University. Bentley Law Offices, P.A. consults with other law firms who are handling similar cases throughout the country.

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Wrongful Death

 We represent families whose loved ones die because of negligent conduct of hospitals and other health care providers, nursing homes, assisted living residences, trucking companies, businesses, and institutions, such as schools. We do what we can to make the world a safer place.

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Jacquan Waller

Jacquan Waller